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May 14

Mia is the Pet Pick of the Week for 5-9-2014

***ADOPTED*** Sweet little treasure, Miniature Schnauzer mix, spayed girl, 6 years.

She wants to know what a loving, responsible home feels like.
She is good with other dogs.
Please plan and budget for regular professional grooming.
Gentle home ideal.
She is recovering well from severe neglect.

May 14

The “Deniers”

You’ve heard of the “birthers”? They are those people who question where Barack Obama was born. Was it Hawaii? Was it Kenya?

Now let me introduce to you the “deniers”. Who are these deniers?

A denier is defined as one who denies: a denier of harsh realities.

For example:

They are those who deny the IRS targeted conservative, Tea Party and pro-Israel groups who applied for non-profit status. The deniers believe the IRS was simply going after groups who were not being honest as to their political involvement and the fact that the overwhelming majority of the groups who were suspect just goes to show the IRS was doing its job. The deniers suggest that any investigation into allegations that the IRS targeted specific philosophical groups is nothing more than a witch hunt.

Who are these deniers?

They are those who deny the administration did anything untoward in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi in 2012. The deniers believe it doesn’t matter where the president was on the night of the fatal attack. The deniers believe it doesn’t matter who suggested a very poorly made video produced by a man in Cerritos, California motivated the attack on the mission that resulted in the four deaths. The deniers don’t believe it matters who suggested presidential advisor Susan Rice go on a number of television interview programs on the Sunday after the attack stressing that the video was the impetus behind the attacks. The deniers don’t believe it matters that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told one of the fathers of the four who died that the U.S. government would not rest until the maker of the video who caused these deaths was brought to justice. This statement was made days after the killings and as the bodies were being taken off the plane. The deniers believe it doesn’t matter that the White House and State Department would not release emails that were sent back and forth immediately after the deaths. They deny that the recently released emails (resulting from the filing of their release from the Freedom of Information Act) showing there was involvement by the Obama administration as to how the attacks should be portrayed was “old news” and besides “Dude, this was like two years ago.”

Who are these deniers?

They believe the Justice Department performing a massive cull of Associated Press reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation was either justified and was just no big deal.
Who are these deniers?

They believe the ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme allowing weapons from the U.S. to “walk” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers was something that was hatched in the Bush Administration (it was not). While the ATF lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which were used in crimes, including the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, the botch lies with the local authorities and Terry’s death was the chance he took when signing on to become a Border Patrol agent.
Who are these deniers?

The believe the billions of taxpayer dollars gambled on “green” companies like Solyndra, NextEra, Ener!, Solar Trust and many others was done with the best intentions and that fact that they all went bankrupt should not be a stain on the Obama administration’s ability to discern where tax dollars should go.

Who are these deniers?

They believe the Obama claim that the $6 trillion in new national debt that has accrued under his administration (after he promised to decrease the deficit) was done to fix the harm done to the U.S. economy by the Bush administration.

Who are these deniers?

They believe that while for twenty years Barack Obama sat in the front pew of the church Rev. Jeremiah Wright presided over, he never heard a word of racist, anti-white, anti-American rants come from his pastor.

Who are these deniers?

They believe when the President said you could keep your doctor and your health plan if you liked them, he just didn’t foresee what would happen when Obamacare was implemented and, besides, a lot of what occurred was the fault of insurance companies. They believe that his promise that all American families would see a $2,500 decrease in their health care costs was just a simple miscalculation and, besides those who had greater incomes should sacrifice to support those whose incomes were much less.

The deniers deny that there was any nefarious intent when Obama used taxpayer dollars to bail out the private pension funds of autoworkers’ unions at GM & Chrysler nor was there a problem to illegally ending welfare-to-work requirements passed by Congress. All of this just helped those who really needed help.

Deniers believe that doling out $800 billion in stimulus cash for “shovel-ready” jobs that didn’t exist was a genuine attempt to jump start the economy. The fact that the money just evaporated with no measurable economic benefit is beside the point.

Deniers believe that alienating and isolating Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East was based on a belief that sacrifice has to be made if a peace agreement was to be achieved between Israel and the Palestinians. And they believe that his apologies to Islamists and terrorists for offending them was a genuine necessity since we have done so many horrible things to Muslims which includes killing those who have sought to kill us.

Deniers believe that while Obama staunchly opposed the raising of the national debt limit before he was president, his insistence to raise the debt limit once he became president was the result of his being “a realist” and to fix what the Bush administration had done for eight years.

Deniers believe that Obama’s instruction to Attorney General Eric Holder to stonewall any investigation in the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers was just one silly case, that it was in the past and besides “how many times had whites intimidated blacks at voter locations”.

Deniers believe that if they play the race card every time someone disagrees with Barack Obama, the person who disagrees will back off. Deniers believe that even if his actions are wrong, Obama’s intentions are just and honorable. Denies will back Barack Obama up come hell or high water. The truth be damned. Blind obedience to the left-wing leader of the nation is essential.

Deny any problems, deny any complicity in anything, deny the need to investigate anything, deny the need to look at anything that occurred yesterday or the day before, deny the deniers are denying. Deny. Deniers’ goal accomplished.

May 14

Educational Failure in Nevada and Some Solutions

A recent report based on 2012 Education Department statistics reveals that while 71 percent of students graduate high school in Nevada, 29 percent walk away without a diploma. These are the statistics, but what are the reasons that just short of one-third of high school students fail to graduate.

I posed this question to my morning drive listeners on Newstalk 720 KDWN. I got a lot of calls and a variety of reasons for Nevada ranking as one of the bottom performing states when it comes to graduation rates.

One very understandable issue is the fact that Nevada is the home to entertainment destinations such as Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno. These destinations operate entertainment/gambling/dining opportunities on a twenty-four basis. The most favored shift in the various venues is the swing shift, the evening hours when tourists come out to play which pays the most in tips. Parents working these shifts are not home with their children in the hours after school and into the night. Students are often on their own, unsupervised and without an adult to make sure their homework and studies are complete.

Some suggested that there are better opportunities for those reaching eighteen years of age. If you can leave high school at eighteen before graduation and work in a valet service parking cars for eighty thousand, ninety thousand or more a year, a high school senior might reason he is wasting time in the classroom and will bolt for the immediate cash cow.

It was suggested that good-looking young girls could find big bucks dancing and participating in a variety of activities. These girls figure why graduate high school and why go to college when they can get those big bucks now. There is, of course, a limit to the years that these women can participate in some of these various activities.

There was the suggestion that social promotions play a big role in giving false promise to many students. Rather than holding students back from grade advancement when they are not truly capable of advancing, political and social pressure demands students are promoted to a grade for which they are not fully prepared. When they reach their senior year, they are unable to complete the graduation requirements do not receive the coveted diploma.

Another reason some students don’t graduate from high school in Nevada and especially in Las Vegas is the number of those who are non-English-speaking. Motivation to learn the language of the United States is compromised when their parents are complacent with limited communication using their foreign native tongue. What these students learn during the schools hours is not reinforced once they get home. It was suggested that non-English speaking students be separated/segregated for one year and become immersed in English to be returned the following year with a more proficient command of the language that is the unofficial way of communicating in the United States.

Other callers blamed the teachers’ union promotion of tenure. That is, teachers being granted a lifetime job guarantee regardless of their level of competence. If teachers are not competent and are doing a less than acceptable level of teaching their students, people wondered why they are allowed to continue in their positions.

Some callers suggested students can make more money selling illegal drugs than they could getting a diploma or degree and going to work “in the system”. There were those who suggested that students today have a lack of respect for authority and accomplishments and that this “lack of respect” favors a “don’t give a damn” attitude.

So the question is “what could work”?

The idea of vouchers came up time and again. Provide vouchers for all students to be used at the school (public or private) of their choice. Who would get in to the better schools would depend on how fast the student’s family applied. In other words, first come, first served.

Vouchers worked well for poorer black and Latino students in Washington, D.C. until President Obama cancelled the program not long after he took office. Those poorer black and Latino students no longer have the same educational opportunities that the President’s daughters are afforded.

The main element of a child’s education given all other factors is the degree to which parents participate and oversee their child’s progress. Are they hands-off parents rarely or never checking on their child’s efforts? Are the parents simply disinterested? Are the parents not able to assist their children because they do not speak the English language of this land? Or are the parents very much involved and in contact with the teachers and supportive of the teachers’ efforts?

Yes, a child must understand consequences of failure. Yes, students should be well advised that taking an early opportunity such as parking cars could vanish at any time and leave that person without any other educational or practical experience. Yes, vouchers would allow for a much more level playing field of opportunities for all students. But it is when parents, teachers and administrators work together all studies and experiences show that the chances of a child’s success in school are dramatically amplified. Our new Superintendent of Schools for the CCSD, Pat Skorkowsky has voiced these very sentiments on my radio program. I wish him the best knowing that if he is successful in his stated goals, our children and our entire community will benefit greatly.

May 14

Evion is the Pet Pick of the Week for 5-2-2014

***ADOPTED*** Thoughtful, kind boy, Toy Poodle, neutered, 6 years.

Evion (name meaning “God is gracious”) deserves to know what a loving home feels like.
He is forlorn, confused about becoming homeless, and he does not yet realize he is safe.
Evion is good with other sweet dogs and needs regular professional grooming.
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Apr 14

Lester is the Pet Pick of the Week for 4-25-2014

***ADOPTED*** Outgoing, incredibly cute boy, “Chug” (Chihuahua & Pug mix), neutered, 18 months young.

We love his friendly spirit.
He is good with dogs.
He is reportedly compatible with mature kids too.
He is reportedly crate-trained.

Apr 14

Marijuana May Cause Heart Problems in Young Adults

Young adults who smoke marijuana may be at risk for serious or even fatal heart problems, according to a study by French researchers on Wednesday.

Those who want to use it will no doubt deny any information that comes out saying things they don’t want to hear. But, for the rest of the this story, go to:

Apr 14

Evion is the Pet Pick of the Week for 4-18-2014

Thoughtful, kind boy, Toy Poodle, neutered, 6 years.

Evion (name meaning “God is gracious”) deserves to know what a loving home feels like.

He is forlorn, confused about becoming homeless, and he does not yet realize he is safe.

Evion is good with other sweet dogs and needs regular professional grooming.

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Apr 14

Jews Ordered To Register In East Ukraine

Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city’s Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee “or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,” reported Ynet News, Israel’s largest news website.

For the entire USA Today story that is reminiscent of the Nazis of the 1930s and 1940s, go to the following url:

Apr 14

Why Is The Democrat Party The Political Party Of Racists?

Week after week we read about one Democrat or another charging the Republicans with being racist.

If you didn’t vote for Barack Obama for the presidency it is because he is black and therefore you are a racist.

If you oppose the policies (such as Obamacare) of President Obama it is because he is black and therefore you are a racist.

If you oppose a presidential nominee who happens to be black you are a racist.

If you support the idea that in order to prevent voter fraud everyone should show a picture I.D. before casting a ballot on Election Day, you are a racist.

The list goes on and on.

However, what is the true reality?

The political left has become obsessed with race. Everywhere they look they see black and white and yellow and brown. They see race and racial issues here, there and everywhere. It is a total obsession.

When the left makes accusations that Republicans/conservatives/Tea Party members are racist they are almost foaming at the mouth. And what do Republicans do? They become defensive. They buy into the blame game and begin to explain how they are not racist and, by the way, can’t we all just get along? The Republicans are playing a losing game because they are playing by the rules of the left. So what should they do? How should the right respond?

First of all Republicans should become less passive and more aggressive. The right should lash out when they see racism of the left rear its ugly head. Whenever confronted with comments made by a Representative Steve Israel or a Representative Charlie Rangel, the correct comeback is that those obsessed with race are the true racists. The Democrat Party’s obsession with race gave birth to the KKK and they carry the torch of that obsession today. They see race and racial issues everywhere. They cannot get it out of their mind and when it breaks through the thin layer of denial, they don’t know what to do except should out “racist”. It is as if they are looking into the mirror and cannot stomach what they are seeing.

There was an episode of “All In The Family” where Sammy Davis, Jr. was going to visit the Bunkers. Archie was obsessed with the fact that Sammy had a glass eye. He could not stop thinking about that glass eye. He told Edith that he didn’t want to mention the glass eye when Sammy showed up but he really couldn’t stop thinking about it. Edith told Archie to just think about something else and ignore the eye.

The doorbell rings and Archie opens the door to greet Sammy Davis, Jr. He invites him into his home and, of course, Sammy sits in Archie’s favorite chair. All the while Archie is trying to ignore Sammy’s glass eye and so far he has succeeded.

Edith enters with a tray of hard-boiled eggs and puts them on a table between Archie and Sammy. Without thinking, Archie says to Sammy, “Have a glass eye”. It was funny moment and very telling.

The left is constantly thinking “don’t think race”, “don’t think race”. And in a moment when they let their guard down, the first thing they blurt out is race. They cannot stop thinking about it. It is a constant on their mind. It is the manifestation of the definition of obsession: the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea.

Memo to the right: when confronted with the accusation by the left that you are racist, just remind the accuser that the racist obsession with race lies within them and maybe, just maybe that is something they ought to examine before making those kinds of accusations.

The Democrat Party has had an obsession with race ever since the founding of the KKK. It is time they examined their roots, their obsessions, their contradictions and their hatred. It is time they became Americans who accept Americans for the content of their character and not for the color of their skins.

Alan Stock, April 15, 2014

Apr 14

Obama Has Proposed 442 Tax Hikes Since Taking Office

The 442 total proposed tax increases does not include the 20 tax increases Obama signed into law as part of Obamacare.

For the total list compiled by Americans for Tax Reform, go to:

List of 442 Proposed Tax Hikes